Classical to Jazz Piano

My incredible teacher, John Salmon, to whom I owe the world wrote this article as a tribute to his own musical friend and mentor, Dave Brubeck.  Dave passed away in 2012 and having been deeply influenced by both John and Dave in my own playing this article really made me smile.

2 Responses to Classical to Jazz Piano

  1. hilary davis says:

    Hi Amy,

    I met you at Chianti’s recently and have become an insta-fan so I may see you around at shows in the future! I’m excited to see about this classical-jazz piano tips idea page since that is the direction I would like to grow in. Can’t wait for updates!


    • Hey Hilary!
      Great meeting you a few weeks ago at Chianti’s! I’m still working on getting this post together so I can get initial ideas posted here – it’s definitely way overdue. Writing is a bigger endeavor than I had initially imagined but this will be good motivation for me so I’ll keep you posted! 🙂 Thanks for touching base and hope to see you soon.

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